First Baptist Church of Siler City, NC
Saturday, August 18, 2018
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The kitchen may not be complete, a tiny speck of dust may be around, but the picnic is on!  The Rachel Allred Sunday School Class is providing the chicken tenders and sides and the Faith Sunday School Class is providing the desserts.  Please join us in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday, August 19th at 5 PM for fellowship, fun, and yummy food!


Update on Kitchen Renovation 6-11-18

Great news - the plumbing drains are all connected and the concrete is poured and the kitchen is beginning to look like the vision we have for it. The first photo is taken standing in the back of the "old kitchen" looking toward the "old stage area". Part of the wall is gone that was creating a hall and the door you see is the old door to the stage which has been widened 6 inches. The second photo is in the area occupied by the old stage and is looking into the new storage closet. The third photo is taken inside the new storage closet - which is located in part of what was the hall where the steps to the stage were across from the paper products storage area.

Don't forget we are still taking contributions to the kitchen fund to hopefully do more to the Fellowship Hall!






Update on Kitchen Renovation 6-1-18


We always knew that the plumbing would be the unknown in the renovation project.  It has raised its ugly head.

This photo shows the kitchen floor as of noon on Friday 6-1-18. Lots of unknown pipes and questions under the floor. If you haven't written your check for the project - now would be a great time!



This photo is taken from the Smith and Buckner side of the fellowship hall. The area extending into the fellowship hall is the old stage area which will now be the serving area. For size perspective, the opening into the serving area is 12 feet wide.
This is the wall to the left when you come into the fellowship hall from outside. The sheet rock area is replacing the second door that went into the kitchen. The door is the original hall door, which will now be the main door into the kitchen
This photo is taken in the hall headed from the Sunday School area into the fellowship hall. The new construction is a new storage area which be accessed from the serving area of the kitchen. This area used to house the steps to the stage with a hand railing and a piano sat in this space

Remember - if the budget is made we can improve the Fellowship Hall also!




 Time To Say Goodbye to the Old Kitchen


 Click here to go to First Baptist Church's Facebook page to see a copy of the plans 


Phase One of the Kitchen Renovation 5-14-18