First Baptist Church of Siler City, NC
Monday, February 17, 2020
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From the Pastor

    Hello, First Baptist Church, Siler City (FBCSC)! I am using this space to introduce myself and to share some insights about the immediate future of FBCSC. I am Eric Davidson, the Associational Mission Strategist (AMS) for the Sandy Creek Baptist Association (SCBA), A Network of Churches, of which you are a member church. In maybe more familiar language, I serve the SCBA as a church and clergy consultant and coach. One area of my ministry is to assist member churches when they are without a pastor; the transition between one pastor leaving and another pastor beginning.

     I have training and experience to assist FBCSC navigate through what might seem as an overwhelming and even confusing time in the church. I have walked with other churches in the SCBA during their time without a pastor, and I have spent 40 years in church ministry. I pray you find this information comforting.

     One of the roles I will assume for a brief period, beginning August 4th, is to fill your pulpit on Sunday mornings. By brief, I mean for two to three months more or less. Ideally, my last Sunday in the pulpit will be followed by your interim pastor filling your pulpit the following Sunday.
     The interim pastor could realistically serve FBCSC for anywhere from twelve to eighteen months. This transition time can be a wonderful opportunity for FBCSC to look back, to look at your present reality, and to look to God’s desired future for your church. Needless to say, this is an important time for FBCSC. Not to be overly dramatic, but it is as important to bring God’s man into your church to serve as your interim pastor as it is to discover and to present to the church God’s man to be your next pastor.

     Therefore, it is crucial your Interim Pastor Committee seeks, interviews, and presents to the congregation for your approval, God’s man to serve as your interim pastor. To that end, I have been working with the Deacons on an interim pastor job description. This job description will be presented to the church for your approval before the search begins for your interim. I will work with the Interim Pastor Committee, as needed, and will be supplying resumes for interim pastor candidates to the Committee.

     I will be training and advising the Pastor Search Committee (PSC) up until the point the candidate for your next pastor is presented to the church for your approval. I will work with the PSC to secure resumes for their consideration as your pastor. This entire process could take a year or more.

     I, also, will be available to meet and consult with other committees in the church as needed. I have met with the Deacons twice and will attend their meetings at least up to the point of your Interim Pastor coming to the church. I will be meeting with the church staff on a weekly basis.

     I am hopeful FBCSC will invite me to work with the church in a process involving the entire church to prepare for your next pastor and for your future. I will share more information about this process if the deacons decide to involve the church.
     I strongly encourage the entire church to attend a “town hall meeting” on Sunday, August 18, following the Summer Picnic. I will share information about this transition time and be available to answer questions during the “Question and Answer” time. Please plan to attend the picnic and the “town hall” if there is any way possible to do so – this is a critical meeting as we move forward.

     Finally, take a breath. Seriously, right now stop and take a breath!

     t’s going to be okay, it really is; God has got this!!!

     You do not have to walk this journey alone!           

     I look forward to walking with you during this season in the life of FBCSC. I am excited to see all that God is going to do now, and in the future, as we seek His will together!

Together is Better!!!