First Baptist Church of Siler City, NC
Friday, August 14, 2020
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Our Leadership 2020


Our Leadership 2020


 January-December 2020

 Deacon Ministry

2020 2021 2021
Gary Adkins Tommy Emerson  Wade Holder
 Earl Beal Mike Holt  Bard Marsh
Sherlynn Powell Mahlon Snider  Steve Marsh
Ed Spence Faye Ward  Barbara McMasters


Church Clerk:  Cecilia Grimes

Church Treasurer: Tommy Emerson

Assist. Treasurer:  Geraldine Snider

Church Historians:  Tommy Emerson & Cecilia Grimes

Church Librarian: Cecilia Grimes, Gay Fulbright, Sherry Kidd

Lifetime Trustees:  Tommy Emerson (Chair), Jack Moody, Judy Morris, Mahlon Snider, Ed Spence

Messengers to Sandy Creek Association: Frankie Mueller, Geraldine and Mahlon Snider, Earl and Joyce Stout

Web Site Coordinator:  Sherlynn Powell

Women on Mission Coordinator:  Diane Whitehead

Sound and Video:  Caleb Reeves, Frankie Williamson


Baptism: Becky & Jimmy Lane, Sharon Brookbank

Baptist Men: Wade Holder


Church Hostesses

Bereavement Dinner:  Marie Marsh (Chair), Matilda Carter, Becky Lane, Ellen Ludington, Mike Ludington, Joan Tillman, Faye Ward, Jerry Ward

Other Meals/Special Occasions: Faye Ward (Chair), Matilda Carter, Becky Lane, Ellen Ludington, Joan Tillman

Table/Chairs Set-Up:  Stephen Grimes, Wade Holder, Mike Ludington, Bill Petty


Finance:  Barden Moody (‘20), Joan Tillman (‘20), Faye Ward (‘20), Rachel Cox (‘21), Mike Holt (‘21), Harold Poteat (‘21), Renee Kennedy (’22), Anna Emerson ( ‘22) Geradline Snider  (’22)

Foyer Bulletin Board Assignments:

Jan., Feb., March: Sonya Dunn

April, May, June: Kelly Eldridge

July, August, Sept.: Lisa Dark, Nancy Harris

Oct., Nov., Dec.: Sherry Kidd


Heritage Room & Prayer Room:  Jo Duckworth, Kelly Eldridge

Homecoming:  Anna Emerson, Becky Spence, Cecilia Grimes

House & Grounds: Mike Holt (Chair), Steve Marsh (Co-chair), Stephen Grimes, Wade Holder, Wanda Ingold, Barden Moody, Ed Spence, Jerry Ward

Lord’s Supper:  Jessica Fields, David and Paula Reeves

Men’s Breakfast: Wade Holder (chair), Mack Gee, Art Kennedy

Nominating Committee: Matilda Carter (‘20), Rachel Cox (‘20), Lisa Dark (‘21), Art Kennedy (’21), Sharon Brookbank (’22), Nancy Harris (’22)

Personnel: Deacon Representative: Earl Beal, Finance Representative: Joan Tillman (’20), At Large:  Mary Alice Kennedy (’21)

Sanctuary Flowers:  Gwen Holt, Paula Reeves

Senior Adult:  Joan Tillman, Diane Whitehead, Sherlynn Powell

Transportation Drivers:  Clint Fields, Mike Ludington

Transportation:  Charles Marsh, Steve Marsh, Mike Ludington


Team I: Steve Marsh & Art Kennedy (Co-Chairs), Wade Holder, Billy Kidd, Charles Marsh, Lee Moody, Mahlon Snider, Jimmy Warfford

Team II: Wayne Ellington & Harold Poteat (Co-Chairs), Allen Rives, Mack Gee, Barden Moody, Robbie Davis

Vacation Bible School: Jessica Fields

Community Ministry: 



Sunday School Director

Sharon Brookbank (Chair)

Renee Kennedy (Assistant)


Pre-School I (Birth – 1)

Sherry Kidd, Geraldine Snider


Pre-School II (2 – 3)

Lisa Dark, Nancy Harris


Pre-School III (4 – 5)

Terri Beal, Shirley Holder

Sub:  Ann Fulton


Children (Grades 1 – 5)

Gary and Sarah Adkins


Youth I & II (grades 6 – 12)

David Beaver, Erin & Doug Riggs


Sarah Jo Wall Class

John Eldridge, Steve Marsh


Judy Morris Class

Art Kennedy, Linda McMasters


Rachel Allred Class

Billy Cockman, Rachel Etchison, Mahlon Snider, Ed Spence, Mike Holt (alternate), Mike Williams (alternate)


L. L. Bradley Class

John Grimes, Bill Hamilton, Charles Marsh, Harold Poteat, Bill Vegoren, Jimmy Warfford


Murray Andrew/Esther Class

Tommy Emerson


Faith Class

Gay Fulbright, Cecilia Grimes, Sherlynn Powell


Children’s Church (ages 3-5)

Jessica & Clint Fields