First Baptist Church of Siler City, NC
Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Bulletin-Good Friday Service

The Worship of God
Service of Tenebrae
Friday, April 19                                                                                                                  7:00 p.m.
Tenebrae (Latin for “shadows” or “darkness”) is a solemn observance of Jesus’ passion and death.                                  
(The congregation is asked to remain silent during the prelude as a time of prayer and mediation.)
Music Prelude                        Randy L. Johnson
Welcome and Invocation                  Reverend Tony Capehart               
*Hymn Number 122           “Tell Me the Story of Jesus”              Verses 1 and 3
Prayer for Illumination       Reverend Tony Capehart
Scripture Lesson- John 19:28-30
Pastor: The Word of the Lord.
People: Thanks be to God
Sermon“It Is Finished”Reverend Tony Capehart
*Hymn Number 141             “The Old Rugged Cross”              Verses 1 and 4
The Passion of Our Lord
Lesson I ~ Jesus’ disciples fall asleep in the Garden of Gethsemane    Mike Holt Matthew 26:36-46
First Candle Extinguished
    *Response Hymn 144 “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross”           Verses 1 and 3
*Those that are able are asked to stand.
Lesson II ~ Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss                                                    Dr. Ben Ledford
      Matthew 26:47-56
      Second Candle Extinguished                   
      “The Man on the Middle Cross”          Gwen Holt, Mary Kennedy, Ellen Ludington
Lesson III ~ Jesus before the Sanhedrin                                                         Cullen Capehart
Matthew 26:57-68
Third Candle Extinguished
“Oh, What a Savior”       Carolyn Foley, Dr. Jerry Foley, Randy Johnson
Lesson IV ~ Peter’s denial       Cole Milholen
Matthew 26:69-75
Fourth Candle Extinguished
“Had It Not Been” Carolyn Foley, Dr. Jerry Foley, Randy Johnson
Lesson V ~ Jesus before Pilate     Linda McMasters
Matthew 27:15-26
Fifth Candle Extinguished
*Response Hymn 156           “Were You There”                  Verses 1 and 2
Lesson VI ~ The soldiers mock Jesus    Sherlynn Powell
Matthew 27:27-44
Sixth Candle Extinguished
*Response Hymn 176             “Fairest Lord Jesus”                       Verses 1 and 4
Lesson VII ~ The death of Jesus        Bill Hamilton
Matthew 27:45-50
Christ Candle Extinguished. (Silence will be observed while the bell tolls 33 times to signify each year of Jesus’ life.)
Lesson VIII ~ Surely he was the Son of God  Reverend Tony Capehart Matthew 27:51-54
Silence ~ The end of the service is signified by the illumination of the draped cross. Please remain seated in silence until the sanctuary is illuminated to facilitate leaving. Silence is observed throughout the sanctuary from this time forward.