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Wednesday, August 04, 2021
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Kitchen & Fellowship Hall Use by Members

Policy for Kitchen and Fellowship Hall Use – Member Use   (Policy Manual Section B: Policy B.2

In order to ensure that the kitchen will be used in a safe manner and be available to all members ready to use, the following guidelines have been established.  Note: Any kitchen and/or Fellowship Hall event should be reserved and added to the church calendar by calling the church office. This will eliminate duplicate events being scheduled at the same time.

Prior to the event: If you have not been oriented to the appliances and other features of the kitchen, a member of the Church Hostesses Committee (Bereavement Dinner or Other Meals/Special Occasions Member) must meet with a responsible person from your group to instruct you on use of kitchen equipment and facilities.

General Guidelines:

·         No persons under the age of 18 years old should be exposed to or allowed to operate kitchen appliances. The kitchen is OFF LIMITS to children unless supervised by an adult over 21 years of age.
·         When using the church appliances, please read the instruction manual before usage. Some of the new appliances require special settings and rack arrangements. There is a binder located in the kitchen containing abbreviated operating instructions.
·         Paper products, tea, and coffee are furnished for CHURCH group events only. List on the sign-out sheet located in the pantry what you used so it can be re-ordered. All other functions or outside events should furnish their own paper products and supplies.  Any excess purchased supplies must be taken. DO NOT LEAVE IN THE KITCHEN.
·         Please do not leave behind any leftover chips, crackers, etc. or opened soda bottles from your event. Either take these food items home with you or discard. Please do not put on the shelves in the pantry area or in the refrigerator.
·         If the purchase of new items is needed, submit a written request to the Hostesses Committee for approval and purchase.  DO NOT BRING OR DONATE HOME ITEMS TO THE CHURCH KITCHEN without the approval of the Hostesses Committee.
·         Church owned utensils and equipment are not to be removed from the church kitchen or fellowship hall.
·         No personal cooking for family meals or outside groups (catering) is allowed.
·         If and when repairs are needed on any equipment in the kitchen, serving area, or Fellowship Hall Please submit a request to the Church Hostesses Committee or Buildings & Grounds Committee.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE REPAIRS ON YOUR OWN.
·         Should you need ice from the ice machine for personal use, please bring your own cooler.  Please place the ice scoop on top of the ice machine.  Do not leave in the ice bin.


Kitchen - After the Event:

·         Wash all of the church’s pots, pans, plates and all utensils after use and return to their proper places when finished with use of the kitchen.  Please do not leave any dirty dishes of any kind sitting anywhere in the kitchen or Fellowship Hall.
·         If someone in your group leaves a personal dish, kindly wash it, and take it to your Sunday School room or home with you until you are able to return it to the owner. Please do not assume someone else will do this. Personal dishes should be labeled with owner’s name to facilitate return to owner.
·         Empty water out of the serving appliances. (Tea and coffee machines) It will mold if left for several days. Please dispose of any filters used, and check to see that appliances are turned off.
·         If you use any kitchen towels, you are responsible for taking them home to wash, and returning them as soon as possible to the church kitchen.  If locked please leave on the exposed serving ledge.
·         All surfaces must be wiped clean. This includes cleaning the dining tables as well as the serving tables. High chairs should be cleaned if used.
·         All the trash cans must be completely empty and re-lined with clean trash bags before you leave. Return the trash cans to the kitchen area and replace liners. Please do not leave even one item of food in the trash cans. If possible, please take trash containing food to the outside trash cans.
·         Sweep and mop the kitchen after your event. There is a small mop and vacuum are located in the panty for use in kitchen and Fellowship Hall area only
  • The lights must be turned off.  Verify that all surface units, ovens, warming cabinet, and any other electrical appliances are turned off.
  • The lights must be turned off.
  • Lock both kitchen doors after leaving.


Fellowship Hall and Bathrooms and exits after the Event:

·        If there is excessive food on carpeted areas, please be respectful and clean up first by picking up the food, then vacuuming when practical.
·         Bathrooms used in the Educational Building should be checked to ensure faucets are off, no trash is on the floor, and the lights are turned off.
·         The lights must be turned off in Fellowship Hall and in halls and other areas if there is no other event in the building.
·         Secure and lock all outside doors.


Check List:

·         Please complete and sign the kitchen check list and return to the church office when you are finished with your event.  


Approved by Board of Deacons 6-8-16

Revised approval by Board of Deacons 12--12-18