First Baptist Church of Siler City, NC
Monday, January 24, 2022
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The Rodgers Family
On August 25, 2013 the Rodgers family, Kevin, Suzie, and Hannah visited First Baptist Church and Kevin delivered an inspiring sermon.  Kevin's sermon revolved around following God with reckless abandon in our lives.  No matter what our age or abilities, God has a plan for our life.  We need to listen carefully and in prayer to understand what God has in planned for us.  Once we feel that plan, we need to follow it with reckless abandon - not worrying about how it will work out, but rather trusting that God will reach his hand out to us and lift us up and help us to realize the fullfilment of his desires for us.
You can follow "The Rodgers Tribe" through Suzie's Blog, their Newsletter, Facebook, and the BMOZ website:
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