First Baptist Church of Siler City, NC
Thursday, May 06, 2021
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Covid Guildelines for First Baptist

What to expect when we return to First Baptist:

First Service, May 24th at 11 AM

1.       If you are not comfortable coming to the church for a service, please note the service will be recorded and loaded to YouTube Sunday afternoon. A link to the service will be placed on the website, on Facebook, and emailed out. Attending or not is your individual decision and we wish you to remain safe above all. Take care of yourself and your family first.

2.       If you come, and if it is at all possible, please park on the Smith and Buckner side of the church so that the ushers can open the doors or they will be propped open for your hands-free entry. If there is an usher at the door – please allow them to open the door so you don’t have to touch them. Please do not crowd the elevator. An usher will also be at the front doors.

3.        If you have a mask, please wear one to worship.  We have hand sanitizer in limited supply to use if you wish. If you have some hand sanitizer, please bring your own. The ushers at this door may also take your temperature and provide mask if you do not have one.

4.       There will be no Sunday School with our first services –More information on this later.

5.       Please limit your visiting with others.  We have a long tradition of catching up with friends at church, but during this time with the danger of spreading the Covid-19 virus, just wave at others, stay six feet apart, and call them later to visit.  You may be comfortable visiting, but others may not.  We want everyone to feel safe and not uncomfortable with contact they do not wish to engage in.

6.       There will be no congregational singing as singing presents a greater risk of particulate spread.

7.       All Bibles and Hymnbooks have been removed to storage to reduce touch contamination. 

8.       Please sit where you are most comfortable.  You will notice that every other row of pews has been blocked off to assure spacing of worshipers.  Please do not sit within six feet of others unless they are part of the group you quarantine with at home.

9.       Our ushers will monitor seating and if the sanctuary and balcony become too full, you may be asked to worship in the Fellowship Hall where you can hear the sound of the service.

10.   We apologize, but we will not offer nursery or children’s church for your children during this time.  As we move forward, this will likely later change after discussion with children’s workers and parents.

11.   Our offering will be collected in a different fashion.  Two collection plates will be on pews at the back of the sanctuary inside the two doors.  Two collection plates will also be on the front pews inside the two doors.  Please place your offering there as you enter the sanctuary. There will be no passing of the offering plates.

12.   Restroom doors will be propped open to allow you to enter without touch.  Both the men’s and women’s restrooms are already arranged so that you have privacy.  Lysol is provided in each restroom for you to spray for disinfection as needed.

13.   Water fountains have been roped off to discourage use and possible contamination.

14.   Please use all doorways as entrances as you enter the church and as exits as you leave.  Avoid going in and out and crossing paths with the main flow of traffic.

15.   The ushers will open the doors to the outside of the vestibule and the front of the church at the end of the service.  This should allow you to leave the sanctuary without touching the doors.  The doors to the parking lot on the Smith and Buckner side of the church may be opened by pushing against the bar with your arm or other covered area or they may be propped open. 

16.   Sunday School literature - New SS books will be placed on tables for you to pick up (on the lower level of the educational wing where you can enter from the Smith and Buckner side).  There will be signs indicating which class’s literature is located where.  If others are near your literature, please stand back and wait to pick up your books.  Remember the six-foot separation.  You can pick up before of after the service.