First Baptist Church of Siler City, NC
Thursday, May 06, 2021
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Church Survey

Dear Church Family,

The Pastor Search Committee is seeking your input about what you would like in our new pastor.  This is also your opportunity to tell us what you enjoy most about our church and what areas you feel need improvement.  We ask that you mail the survey back to the church by Monday, August 24st or put in the offering plate on the 23rd. A return envelope is enclosed.


Please know that with the lack of new members and new baptisms our church is not growing and we must make changes in order to move forward.  Your participation in this survey is critical.   


Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey by circling your answers on the multi-choice part of the survey and answering all the questions on the last sheet. Your input is invaluable. The more input you give, the better the Search Committee will understand your opinions about and desires for our church.


The Pastor Search Committee is hoping to have some town hall style meetings as soon as we can figure out how to safely do them in this Covid environment.  We would love to gather everyone in the Fellowship Hall and serve coffee, sweet tea, and a dessert, but for the time being we will have to hold those plans. We may try to get a few small groups together after we analyze the results of the survey and seek in person feedback.  We are working on ideas for a socially distant and safe sharing event.


Please be patient with the Search Committee and Church Leaders.  The Pandemic shutdowns over the last 5 months have been very challenging.  Your input through this survey is the next step in our movement forward.  Thank you for your time and input.


“For I know the plans I have for you and not to harm you,

plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11


The Pastor Search Committee,

Sharon Brookbank              Becky Lane                     Brad Marsh

   Steve Marsh                         Sherlynn Powell            Paula Reeves

        Joan Tillman


First Baptist Church – Pastor Search Committee Suvey  Please return by August 24th                

Circle Your Answers  

About You:

How many years have you been attending this churchO 1 or less               O 1-5 years  

           O 5-10 years                 O 10 + years           O Lifetime

In an average month, how many times do you attend a service?   1          2      3          4

What is your age?   Under 18    18-24      25-40      41-54      55-69      70 or over

Are you involved in a Bible study/Sunday School/Choir/Small Group?     Yes    No


Do you feel our church should consider only a full-time pastor or may we consider a bi-vocational minister? (Note example of Bi-Vocational Pastor is Moon’s Chapel Pastor - Patrick Fuller).  Circle one

      O   Consider Full time only            O   Okay to consider Bi-Vocational Candidate for pastor (also has another job)


Considering demographic changes in our community, some new members may be from other cultures or not look like us.

On a scale of one to five how comfortable are you with welcoming all people from our community. (1 being not comfortable – 5 very comfortable.)            1     2    3    4    5                       


About Our Church:

Why do you attend our church?  O Sunday worship experience    O The fellowship/community

          O Location     O Small Groups   O Love of the music   O Ministry offerings



Where do you feel our church could use the most improvement?  O First impressions and retention

              O Connecting with younger generations   O Building relationships & unity within our church

              O Evangelism    O Worship   O Community Outreach

                           O Other___________________

What are the most important leadership qualities our new Pastor must possess? (Choose your top 3):

a.   Inspiring and challenging preacher and teacher

b.   Passionate about reaching young people and young families

c.   Skilled and knowledgeable administrator

d.   Attracts and draws in new members

e.   Deals with conflict well

f.    Other___________________________________________________________________________


What should our new Pastor focus most of their energy/time on? (Choose your top 3):

a.     Staff management

b.     Small groups and discipleship

c.     Attracting new members and retention

d.     Outreach and evangelism

e.     Pastoral care (visitation, etc.)

f.      Developing and Implementing a new vision

g.     Other________________________________



In a sermon, which of these components are most important to you? (Choose your top 3)

a.   Application to everyday life

b.   Spiritual nourishment

c.   Illustrations

d.   Challenge of the status quo

e.   Relatable from the pulpit

Other  ___________________


Please use extra pages for your answers if needed.


Share what you feel are our church’s top strengths:






Share what you feel are our church’s top weaknesses:







What keeps you coming to our church?


Where do you envision our church in 1-3 years?









Is there anything else you would like to share with the Pastor Search Committee?