First Baptist Church of Siler City, NC
Monday, January 24, 2022
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First Baptist Church Prayer Room
The Prayer Room of First Baptist Church is a place of both worship and prayer.  It was inspired by the Holy Spirit who led members of this church to create a place to seek God in prayer and to find comfort and strength in His presence.  Many have given monetary gifts to the Prayer Room Fund.  Others have given gifts of time and talent to this endeavor.  The combined gifts of all have created this place of worship and prayer.
Featured in the photograph at the left is the newest addition to the Prayer Room. It is the give of an original art object created by the design and wood turning skills of John Morris.  The work of art features an intricate interplay of three woods:  Walnut and pine for the large urn and a cross of cherry that crowns the work.  A special thanks is also given to Roy Jordan who built and installed the shelf for the piece.
The four stained glass windows were designed and constructed by Sam Zinaich.  The stained glass cross was a gift from San and Billie Zinaich.  The light in the center signifies the heart of Jesus.  Mr. Zinaich created the cross from original stained glass recovered from our sanctuary windows during their repair.  The stained glass in this cross dates from 1930.
The stained glass on the door of the Prayer Room featrues an angel and was given in memory of Grace and J.P. Wall by Rev. and Mrs. Jim Wall.
The window featuring Christ kneeling in prayer int he garden was given in Memory of James Edmund Spence, IV (Jay) by his family.
The window to the left of the stained glass cross featuring the cross and the Holy Bible was given in memory of Mr. and Mrs. J. Glenn Morris, Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Weaver by Mr. and Mrs. John G. Morris, Jr.
The window to the right of the stained glass cross and featuring the chalice, representing the Last Supper, and the sacred monogram IHS of Christ was gievn in memory of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Pell and Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Bray by J.C. and Marie Pell Bray.
The kneeling bench was made by Jimmy Thomas and given in memory of his parents, Rowland H. and Helen K. Thomas.
The Holy Bible was given in memory of Rev. C.R. Smith, Jr., pastor to this church 1962-1992, by Dottie and Randal.
The rug was given in membory of W. Clyde Thomas, MD and Maude Lillard Thomas by their daughters Barbara Thomas Wrenn and Ruth Thomas Budd.
The loveseat and matching chair belonged to Hattie Dark Andrews and were given in her memory.
The walnut prayer request box was made by Joel Hunnicutt and John G. Morris, Jr.
Other items in the room were purchased with donations to the fund.  Please visit the Pray Room - both to enjoy its beauty and treasures but also to find a time of prayer in the room devoted to that purpose.