First Baptist Church of Siler City, NC
Monday, January 24, 2022
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Baptist Men

Paul with his assistant for the day - Katie Smith and her father-in-law Jim Smith.  Jim and Paul have been friends for years through their dental connections.

Men's Breakfast

All Baptist men are welcome to join us for mens breakfast on the third Sunday of each month at 7:30 a.m.

Baptist Men's Day 

The Sun Was Shinning Brightly on January 25, 2015 


Dalton Marsh Started the Baptist Men's Day Service with a warm welcome to those who came to worship.


Paul Powell continued the service with the announcements of the day.


John Morris continued the service with the Morning Prayer!


Tommy Emerson was the main speaker teaching lessons from the 23rd Psalm.  Being a farmer and having taken a course on sheep while a student at NC State, Tommy shared stories about the idiosyncrasies of sheep herding and how they applied to the relationship to between us and our heavenly father. Of course if you know Tommy you realize that there a few jokes and funny stories thrown in for fun!

Baptist Dental Bus Comes to Siler City

On October 12, 2011, a beautiful new mobile medical dental unit pulled into the parking lot of the Baptist State Convention. It was 22 years ago that the first medical/dental bus pulled into the parking lot at 205 Convention Drive in Cary. During these 22 years of service, thousands of needy North Carolinians have received free medical and dental care. Most importantly, churches, laypeople, dentists, doctors and nurses have shared with love of Christ with these patients.

The decision to purchase a new mobile unit began in 2010 when the 1989 Bluebird Bus began having mechanical, electrical and dental equipment problems. Joanne Honeycutt and the dental bus drivers began researching and visiting other mobile units and organizations that build them. Lifeline Mobile was chosen to manufacture NCBM’s new mobile unit after consideration of several companies that customize buses, trucks and RV’s into bloodmobiles, emergency vehicles, mobile medical/dental units and bookmobiles. Lifeline is a family owned business in Columbus, OH. Richard Brunson and Joanne Honeycutt visited the manufacturing facility in May of 2010. This was the company we needed to work with because they are experts at the type of vehicle we needed.

The new Lifeline Mobile unit replaces the 1989 Bluebird bus. The Lifeline unit is housed at the Baptist State Convention in Cary along with the 2001 Bluebird Bus. The 1989 unit has been moved to Truett Baptist Association near Murphy, N.C. It is set up as a stationary clinic and used by the association to serve the most western N.C. counties.

The cost of the Lifeline Mobile unit was $400,000. Another $50,000 was used to purchase new medical/dental equipment and supplies. The purchase of this unit was made possible by gifts from the Duncan Foundation, the Friess Family Fund, the Goodwill Foundation, churches, summer camps, dental offices, and individuals.

Article copied from the Baptist on Mission WebSite:  Follow this link for more information

The Baptist Men of First Baptist Church

Meet First Monday of each month at Best Food Cafeteria.  Join them at 6:30 pm.

Men's Fellowship Breakfast - 3rd Sunday at 7:30 AM

Next Breakfast, September 15th at 7:30 AM

    Baptist Men: Past, Present, and Future


Pictured above are only part of the team that made a successful dental mission day at Loves Creek Baptist.  The  two dentists working the bus in the morning were Dr. Paul Powell, Jr. (from First Baptist) and Dr. Paul Mitchum.  Pictured about are (left to right) Lee Phillips, Paul Powell, Darlene Lemons, Pastor Alan Harrison, Bill Oldham, Susan and Jim Smith, Jerry Pike, Rick Henson, and Hilda and Larry McMath.  Additional dentists, hygienists, assistants and other support people rounded out the team.

Baptist Men's Day January 20th, 2013

The sun was shining brightly as the Baptist Men were in charge of the Morning Worship.  Mike Holt, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Deacons, Opened the service with the Invocation.


 Dave Pollok, President of the Baptist Men, welcomed all those in attendance.

The offertory prayer was delivered by Deacon Ed Spence 


Bryant Kennedy gave an inspirational solo of "Sweet Beulah Land"

The message of the morning was delivered by Tommy Emerson, Chairman of the Board of Deaons.  Tommy took the scripture for the message from Matthew 25:32 "All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats." 
Tommy looks right at home behind the pulpit or beside it.... remember, if you were not fortunate enough to hear Tommy's message, the next time you see him, ask him about his pet goat!




Baptist Men's Day May 6, 2012- Speaker Doug Riggs


Doug presented an inspiring message for those present for the Baptist Men's Day Service.  Using scripture from Matthew 14 verses 22 to 23 and John Chapter 10, Doug explored the role that doubts can have on our Christian walk.  Doug shared a walk through his personal doubts and how those doubts have been turned off and turned into beliefs.  Those present have no doubt that the students that Doug teaches at Jordan Matthews High School are blessed to have Doug as an instuctor and role model.
 Chad Gaines introduced his good friend Doug with stories of their friendship and smiles along the way. 


Steve Marsh was the Scripture Reader for the Baptist Men Day.

Dave Pollok gave the Offertory Prayer



Barden Moody presented the morning welcome and announcements

Zach Deaton gave the morning invocation.

 Chad also performed a solo of "Heart's Cry" as the offertory


Annual Yard Sale, held every October to raise money for charities, particularly the Angel Tree Project.



From our Baptist Men

Serving our own is not an easy task.  What does it take to serve?  First, we must accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Then we must follow his example in loving others.  No other comes closer to LOVING ALL than the One who suffered so much and died for each one of us.  

Will our serving get us into HEAVEN? Certainly not!  Why serve?  Why not?           

JESUS CHRIST, what a wonderful example to follow. Praise God!



  The Baptist Men and the WMU enjoy a Christmas 2009 Season Dinner at Bestfood 

The Baptist Men and WMU are not all work - they enjoy Christian Fellowship whenever possible!

The Grocery Boys 
Our Baptist Men have formed a group known as THE GROCERY BOYS. They would like to extend an invitation to all our members who have difficulty shopping for groceries.  Whether it be due to transportation issues or lack of energy to walk the long aisles, THE GROCERY BOYS will do your shopping for you.  Please call Dave Pollok at 799-8878(local number) and he will send one of our kind and courteous GROCERY BOYS to your home for your grocery list. Your groceries will be purchased and then delivered to you.


 Please click on this link to visit the home page of the NC Baptist Men and learn of their mission work.